You spoke, and we listened.

Starting 3/29/18, Texas ToGo will be implementing some important changes to the delivery fee structure designed to increase driver earnings!



Cash in on our new BONUS PAY PERIODS:

(Midland, Odessa, Amarillo only)

Friday and Saturday 5p-9p: +$3 per delivery
Thursday and Sunday 5p-9p: +$2 per delivery

Thats right, drive during the times listed above and receive bonus pay on every delivery!

 Driver Earnings for Bonus Periods

Driver Earnings for Bonus Periods



Changes in Delivery Fee Structure:

  • Delivery Fees are now calculated on actual driving distance from Google Maps (previously these distances were calculated on a straight line basis)

  • $4.99 Delivery Fee from 0-4 miles (+ $1/mile after 4th mile)

  • Max Mileage = 12 driving miles (no more long distance deliveries)

On top of this, we want to hear more from you, the drivers! So we're adding optional, anonymous satisfaction surveys. Did something go wrong? Did you have a problem with Dispatch/Customer Service? Did you have a great time and make a lot of money?! Let us know, we want to hear from you!